Fall under the spell of this Italian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam

Italy is a fantastic country with a delightful, warm atmosphere. A country full of magic, Incanto, as if the culture ‘sings’ of life. This was the feeling we tried to capture when we opened a stylish Italian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam, another beautiful place. We are proud of our ancestors’ country, and would like to share our passion with you. Come inside and taste what our rich culture has to offer you. Each season afresh.

The cooking of Nicolō Rossi

Incanto serves the classical Italian cuisine. Our Venetian chef is renowned for his pure, simple cooking with a flawless feel for nuances in taste. Il gusto. That’s not something you simply discover as a chef. You have to search for that in a calm and concentrated way. Ordinary dishes, such as pasta, bread and ice cream, suddenly become small masterpieces.

And what is Italian dining without a toast with a carefully selected, accompanying wine? In the Italian restaurant Incanto, you have a choice of more than 150 delicious wines. We will help you make an excellent choice.

Italian seasonal cuisine

Our chef creates an entirely new menu for you 4 times per year. We are constantly looking to see how we can tailor the dishes to the season and the development of the Italian cuisine.

Come with a group

Are you coming with a group of up to 20 people? Then we can offer you a separate room with a fantastic view over the river Amstel. You will get a unique 4-course meal from us.

Reserve your room or table

Will you be coming for a romantic dinner for two or bringing along your friends and family? It is wise to reserve in advance. We will keep a table for you free.