Be enchanted by this
Italian restaurant in heart of Amsterdam

Italy is a wonderful country with a lovely, warm ambiance. A land full of enchantment, Incanto. It’s as if Italian culture is a hymn to life. With this feeling in mind, we initiated an elegant Italian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam; one more marvelous city. We are proud of the lands of our ancestors, and gladly share this passion with you. Come in, and savour what our rich culture has to offer. Season after season. We have adjusted the restaurant according to the protocol issued by Koninklijke Horeca Nederland.

Nicolò Rossi's cuisine

Restaurant Incanto has a classical, yet contemporary Italian cuisine. Your Venetian chef is famous for his pure and simple cooking, with a seamless sense of nuance in aroma. Il gusto. A chef doesn’t just stumble upon it. It is sought patiently and with great devotion. But then, daily dishes such as bread, pasta and ice cream, suddenly turn into little masterpieces. 

Can Italian dining even exist without toasting with a carefully selected, complementary wine? In Italian Restaurant Incanto, you have over 150 delicious wine options. We help you get the best out of your choice.

About us

Italian seasonal cuisine

Our chef creates a new menu 4 times per year. Each time, we inquire how we can match the new dishes to the season, and to the latest developments in Italian cuisine.

grote tafel incanto

Come with your company

Are you with a group from 8 to 16 persons? In that case we offer a separate space with a breathtaking view over the river Amstel. Under the current restrictions we can place you per 2 persons at 1 1/2 meter distance. You’ll receive a unique four-course menu. 

Reserve your  table

Whether you arrive for a romantic dinner for two, or you bring your friends and family, it’s wise to make a reservation. We will keep your table set for you.