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about incanto

be enchanted

Incanto means enchantment. Heavenly dishes need few ingredients. On the contrary. It’s the simplicity, the purity of a dish that slowly overpowers you. Nicolò Rossi understands this like no other. For each of his courses, he selects the right proportions, combining them such that a little chef d’oeuvre appears as if out of nowhere.

nicolò rossis cuisine

Restaurant Incanto has a classical, yet contemporary Italian cuisine. Your Venetian chef is famous for his pure and simple cooking, with a seamless sense of nuance in aroma. Il gusto. A chef doesn’t just stumble upon it. It is sought patiently and with great devotion. But then, daily dishes such as bread, pasta and ice cream, suddenly turn into little masterpieces.

Can Italian dining even exist without toasting with a carefully selected, complementary wine? In Italian Restaurant Incanto, you have over 150 delicious wine options. We help you get the best out of your choice.

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elegant attendants

Sublime dishes lose their qualities if they are not served in the right way. Our waiters treat you with authentic Italian respect. We take you by the hand when finding your way through this rich world of dishes and complementary wines. Here, at Restaurant Incanto, you will never lack anything, merely enjoy the charm of Italian hospitality. By candlelight, self-evidently.